At Coconut Grove, we pay close attention to the plants that go into our landscaping creations. We make a point of using plants that will complement each other and the style of your home and provide a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Here are just some of the front yard favorites of Florida gardening and landscaping we use in our projects.

Gorgeous Flowers

  • Pentas are a classic choice, a low-maintenance perennial whose striking clusters of red, pink, white or lavender flowers are always a hit with butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • Gerbera flowers from spring to fall with daisy-shaped blossoms likewise favored by pollinators.
  • Bolivian sunset gloxinia bears vivid orange flowers in late autumn and winter, making it perfect for bringing a touch of winter color to your yard.
  • Mexican heather is a staple of Florida gardening and valued by landscapers as a ground cover, with dark foliage and charming white or lavender-pink flowers in bloom almost year-round.
  • Coreopsis is Florida’s state flower, a cheery and drought-resistant plant that shows off daisy-shaped golden flowers — or, thanks to the efforts of plant breeders, various other shades of yellow, orange, pink and red — almost all year.

Beautiful Shrubs & Bushes

Shrubs and bushes can help define the look of a yard and provide borders around a landscape bed.

  • The coontie is a shrub-sized cycad with feathery leaves not unlike palm fronds, popular in North Florida for being cold-hardy and salt-tolerant while imparting a tropical look.
  • Fakahatchee grass grows in shrub-sized clumps that are useful for defining borders in a landscape.
  • Oakleaf hydrangea sports small white flowers in the summer and grows well in shade, ideal for understory planting and landscaping around trees.
  • The southern shield fern is a deer-resistant plant with light green fronds, quick to spread and popular as a ground cover.
  • The saw palmetto is a clumping palm, salt-tolerant and well-suited to coastal landscapes, with fan-shaped leaves that make it excellent for ground cover or privacy hedges.

Iconic Trees

The classic palm tree is a core part of that distinctive Florida ambiance.

  • The sabal palm, also known as the cabbage palm, is the official state tree and can bring a tropical touch to any landscape, making it an understandably popular choice of shade tree..
  • The Canary Island date palm brings a dramatic touch to formal spaces and large yards with its distinctive pineapple-patterned trunk and a bold spray of out-thrust fronds and can reach up to 40 feet in height at maturity.
  • The royal palm is known for its feather-like fronds and an extraordinarily tall, slender trunk that reaches up to 80 feet tall, making it one of Florida’s most iconic trees.

Bringing together these and other front yard favorites in standout landscape designs is what we do. Let us put our expertise to work and help you discover the best version of your home. Contact us today at 904-716-6295 for a free, no-obligation quote.